Free next day delivery on orders over £40 & No Subscription.

Free delivery on orders over £40

We are Bother,

A brand new delivery service for household shopping.

We are Bother,

A brand new delivery service for household shopping.

We were set to launch across the UK later this year. However, due to Covid-19, we're launching early so we can get essential supplies to the people that need them most.

We're opening up 2,000 slots to the NHS now and will be launching nationwide in a few weeks time. We will be launching nationwide as soon as we can so please bear with us during these early stages.

Stay safe.

Why Bother?

What's in it for you

Extra time

By letting us Bother for you, you’ll have more hours in the day to do the things you really love. Date night, dog walking, cat tickling, bog snorkelling…you get the picture.

Money Saving

We don't have the crazy overheads supermarkets do, so we can charge you less for the same products. And, by buying in bulk, you’ll be making savings every order.


Behind the scenes, Bother is working to minimise packaging, offer eco alternatives and is committed to cutting our customers’ carbon emissions.

How to get started

Tap, tap, click

Create your shopping list from our extensive range of household essentials, refills and eco alternatives. Choose when and how often you want your items delivered. You’re the boss.

Magic touch

Always have that fully stocked zen feeling with the help of the Bother Brain™, which learns how often you'll need items and then adds them to your box. Smarty pants.

Aaaand relax

Then its just one click to order and your box will be on its way. Nothing left for you to do but spend this newfound time taking part in some cheese rolling or forest bathing or whatever floats your boat…in fact why not build a boat (that floats).

Lets do this

It’s time to create a box of household favourites and leave the rest to us!



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Household & Cleaning

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