Always Ultra Night 10s

Always Ultra Night 10s

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Always Ultra Night (Size 3) InstantDry system absorbs in

seconds and locks liquid inside to offer you up to 100% protection and confidence. Always Ultra Night (Size 3) is ideal for moderate flow with L knicker size, or heavy flow with M or L knicker size. Recommended for both day and night usage Always Ultra Sanitary towels have odour Neutralising technology which locks odours and doesn’t just mask them. Although always ultra sanitary towels are 3mm thin, they provide a great feeling of comfort and protection during your menstrual cycle. Rewrite the rules with Always MyFit, and stay secure however you move. Try Always Ultra Secure Night (Size 4), Always Ultra’s best sanitary towels for night protection

Super absorbent core with InstantDry system absorbs liquid in seconds, keeping it away from your skin

Odour neutralising technology traps odours, so you feel fresh and clean during your period

Flex & fit system ensures your pad stays in place and follows your body’s movement

SecureGuard for added security with liquid-locking gel that keeps fluids inside

Always ultra sanitary towels are dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin

Wings help keep your sanitary towel in place for comfortable, confident protection

Preparation & Usage

Do not flush down the toilet.

Keep in a cool dry place. For more information about our products please visit our website.




To avoid danger of suffocation and/or strangulation, keep all packaging material away from babies and children.