Drty Hard Seltzer Raspberry Rose 12 x 330ml

Drty Hard Seltzer Raspberry Rose 12 x 330ml

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Hard Seltzer Think Drty

This is Drty.

Sparkling water, carb-free alcohol and natural fruit flavours. That's it. 83 calories a can and 0 sugar. Kind of like vodka soda - but it tastes good. No boring Blurb about Bavarian hops or hand-picked botanicals (yawn). So you can stop looking for your favourite new bev, you just found it.

Think Drty. Drink Drty.

Alcoholic sparkling water

83 kcal per can

0g sugar

All natural flavours

Natural ingredients

Gluten free

Vegan friendly


Table of Nutrition

Per 100 ml:: Energy : 25 kcal / 103 kJ, Fat : 0 g, Of which Saturates : 0 g, Carbohydrates: 0 g, Of which Sugars : 0 g, Fibre : 0 g, Protein : 0 g, Salt : <0.01 g


Sparkling Water, Fruit Wine Base, Bulgarian Rose Extract, Tartaric Acid, Natural Flavours

Dietary Information

Suitable for Vegans

Country of Origin