Marigold Wiper Upper 2 Pcs

Marigold Wiper Upper 2 Pcs

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Why Marigold Wiper Upper?

Now with 3D technology, Marigold Wiper Upper is even stronger and lasts even longer than before.* Not just a pretty cloth, Marigold have created a powerful cleaning and odour fighting machine (well cloth!) With microfibre and Odour Stop Technology** it not only picks up dirt with ease, but stays cleaner and fresher for longer. This classic all-rounder can be used wet or dry for all wiping tasks around the home. To use it time and time again simply rinse thoroughly and machine wash.

*Vs. previous version

**Contains the preservative silver chloride to inhibit the formation of unpleasant odours

Super absorbent, all-purpose cloth with the cleaning power of microfibre

Now even stronger - with 3D technology

With odour stop technology - stays fresher for longer

Machine washable