Method Fabric Softener, Ocean Violet, 45 Wash, 1.575L

Method Fabric Softener, Ocean Violet, 45 Wash, 1.575L

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You big softie, you

Our new fabric softener leaves your socks so soft + fragrant you'll be reaching down to stroke your toes. naturally derived softening agents gently hug your fabrics to reduce static + clinginess (never a good look). each 100% recycled bottle contains 45 washes of tlc. slip into something more cuddlable.

Fragrance: ocean violet

Life on the ocean waves with flowers in your hair. Invigorating marine notes sail among the sweet floral fragrance of jasmine, cyclamen + violet. No complicated knots or actual boating required. Also available in pink freesia + tropical coconut.

Mixology: sometimes mix + match can be a bit hit and miss. Polka dot + leopard print anyone? Luckily with our laundry detergent + new fabric softener there's no wrong combination. Everything goes with everything. Wild lavender + ocean violet? Irresistible. peony blush + pink freesia? It's a mix + match made in heaven, if you will.

Naturally derived softening powder

Scents + softens fabrics

Dermatologically tested

Softens + fluffs fabric

Leaves a vivid scent

Reduces static cling

Makes ironing easier

Biodegradable ingredients

Certified cruelty free


5-15%: Cationic Surfactants*, <5%: Perfume (Limonene*, Eugenol*), Lactic Acid*, Others: Water, Propylene Glycol*, Dimethicone, Magnesium Chloride*, Colorant, *Denotes Plant or Mineral origin