Napolina Fusilli 3kg

Napolina Fusilli 3kg

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Crafted from the finest durum wheat, our pasta is simply made and slowly dried to deliver the best product to your table. For a true taste of Italy, serve al dente. Buon appetito!

Perfect for textured sauces

Cooks in 10 mins

100% durum wheat

Low fat

Suitable for vegetarians


Table of Nutrition

Per 100g uncooked: Energy : 1508kJ/356kcal, Fat : 1.5g, - of which saturates : 0.3g, Carbohydrate : 72.0g, - of which sugars : 3.0g, Fibre : 3.0g, Protein : 12.0g, Salt : <0.01g, This pack contains approximately 40 servings

Per 75g uncooked: Energy : 1130kJ/267kcal, Fat : 1.1g, - of which saturates : 0.2g, Carbohydrate : 54.0g, - of which sugars : 2.3g, Fibre : 2.3g, Protein : 9.0g, Salt : <0.01g, This pack contains approximately 40 servings


100% Durum WHEAT Semolina

Dietary Information



Once opened, store in a cool dry place