Rude Health Bircher Soft & Fruity 450g

Rude Health Bircher Soft & Fruity 450g

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Original Swiss muesli, invented by Dr Bircher, was made the night before to let the flavours all flow together into a smooth, comforting breakfast. We've milled these oats extra fine, so they go soft and creamy immediately. It's as if you've made muesli the old Swiss way, without the wait. The fruit's chopped really small, so the sweetness spreads through the milk, making a kind of fruity summer porridge.

It's all in the oats (and nothing else)

How does our muesli go so creamy so quickly? The secret is the oats. As always, we go out and find the best. Then we do something clever with them. First, we cut them in the normal way. Then we roll them extra thin, so they absorb milk quicker. Nothing's added or taken away. So you're getting the genuine texture of oats and fruit that are completely saturated with milk, without having to remember to leave it standing in the fridge overnight.

Soft in seconds

The traditional muesli in an instant


Clean ingredients

Whole grains

High fibre

No nuts recipe

No refined sugars

No added salt

No artificial anythings


Vegetarian Society approved


Table of Nutrition

per serving*: Energy : 222 kcal, : 936 kJ, Fat : 3.6g, of which saturates : 0.6g, Carbohydrates: 36.5g, of which sugars : 4.9g, Fibre : 6.0g, Protein : 7.9g, Salt : 0.10g, Contains natural sugars from fruit, *60g Bircher Muesli

per 100g: Energy : 370 kcal, : 1561 KJ, Fat : 6.0g, of which saturates : 1.1g, Carbohydrates: 60.8g, of which sugars : 8.2g, Fibre : 10.1g, Protein : 13.2g, Salt : 0.17g, Contains natural sugars from fruit, *60g Bircher Muesli


OATS, Apple, Raisins, Banana

Dietary Information

No Added Salt

Suitable for Vegetarians

Preparation & Usage

How we like it

Instant gratification: we love it with milk, or to make it even more summery, try our Coconut Drink and eat straight away.

Instant grate-ification: we grate on some apple for an extra traditional twist, and add a blob of yoghurt.


So tuck in. And store in a dry place.