Rude Health Honey Puffed Oats 240g

Rude Health Honey Puffed Oats 240g

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The best things in life are sweet

We like puffed oats as they are, but some days call for a little sweetness. So we drizzled some honey over them to make your breakfast twice as nice. Plus, these puffs are gluten free, which makes them great for those of you giving your body a break from gluten.

How we like it

For a texture adventure, you can add some seeds, nuts or crunchy granola. What? You're going to add all three? We love you, you crazy fool.

Avenin - Gluten's Nicer Cousin.

Some people can't tolerate gluten. But these oats don't contain gluten. They contain avenin, a similar protein that most coeliacs (gluten-intolerant people) can digest. This means you can have a great tasting, worry-free breakfast.

Gluten Free Oats. Drizzled in Honey.

Light & golden

Honey. Oats. That's it

Gluten free

Vegetarian Society approved

Kosher - KLBD


Table of Nutrition

per serving*: Energy : 286 kJ, : 68 kcal, Fat : 1.2g, of which saturates : 0.2g, Carbohydrates : 11.8g, of which sugars : 2.4g, Fibre : 1.2g, Protein : 1.7g, Salt : 0g

per 100g: Energy : 1680 kJ, : 398 kcal, Fat : 7.3g, of which saturates : 1.2g, Carbohydrates : 69.6g, of which sugars : 13.9g, Fibre : 6.9g, Protein : 10.1g, Salt : <0.01g


Gluten Free Wholegrain OATS (83%), Honey (17%)

Dietary Information

Gluten free


Suitable for Vegetarians


So tuck in. And store in a dry place.