Splenda Sugar Alternative Granulated 125g

Splenda Sugar Alternative Granulated 125g

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Sweet Swaps Splenda

Splenda® Granulated Sugar Alternative makes it easy to enjoy life's little treats and cut down on sugar.

Great for cooking and baking, you can use it in drinks, desserts and dressings, sauces and smoothies, puddings and pies.

If you're looking for a simple, everyday solution to cutting down on sugar, Splenda® Granulated can help you get there, one spoonful at a time.

Low calorie

Tastes like sugar

For sprinkling, baking and in drinks


Table of Nutrition

Per 1 tsp (0.5 g): Energy : 8.4 kJ/, : 2.0 kcal, Fat : 0g, of which saturates : 0g, Carbohydrate : 0.5g, of which sugars : 0g, Fibre : 0g, Protein : 0g, Salt : 0g

Per 100g: Energy : 1680 kJ/, : 395 kcal, Fat : 0g, of which saturates : 0g, Carbohydrate : 98.8g, of which sugars : 7.1g, Fibre : 0g, Protein : 0g, Salt : 0g


Maltodextrin, Sweetener (Sucralose 1%)

Preparation & Usage

Contents may have settled a little on its way to you - simply shake before using to restore to normal.

10 delicious ways to enjoy Splenda® Sugar Alternative

Stir it, Sprinkle it, Bake it, Shake it, Whisk it, Drink it, Mix it, Cook it, Chill it, Enjoy it!

How to use Splenda®

Splenda® Granulated measures and sweetens spoon-for-spoon just like sugar:

1 level teaspoon of Splenda® (0.5g) = 1 level teaspoon of sugar (5g)

Only 2 Calories per teaspoon!


For the perfect spoonful every time, keep in a cool dry place with the lid closed.

Best before end: see back of pack.


Do not use the product if the internal seal is broken or removed when you open the pack.